Why Aren’t Kids Allowed To Stay Home Alone?

Why should’t we be able to stay home alone think about it?

My first reason is that we can help our parents. Our parents have jobs to think about and they also have us to think about. So why don’t we give them a day of.

my second reason it that we are old enough. Sometimes don’t you think that getting a baby sitter is embarrassing well  i do and now we should do something about that where not three year old are we.

Finally it is fun. Do you ever thing you should get to do what you want sometimes. We should be able to watch TV and play games without some one saying come here and tidy your room or wash the dishes when were alone we don’t have to do that we can just do whatever we want to maybe sometimes but when we’re with a baby sitter we have to do what she or he tells us.

this is why kids should be able to stay home alone so I hope you can help your parents,have fun and mostly prove you are old enough to stay home alone so i hope i have convened you parents and kids out there if you kid is old enough you should you should let them stay home alone and get a day of relaxation in life.



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